Front Desk/ Waiting Room

Our waiting room is comfortable and open to provide easy

scheduling and communication with our staff.

Our staff strives to make your front office experience and

scheduling as easy possible.

Also, our front office staff is very knowledgeable and experienced with

all insurance plans in the Rim Country.




2000 Square Foot Gym

-Biodex isokinetic machine    

-Cable Column                     

-Squat rack

-Recumbant stepper          

-Upper body bike              

-Shuttle/ Leg Press


-Stationary bikes       

-Parallel bars


-Sport cords                      

-Balls, bands, boxes, and more!





Balance Training Video Gaming System

Payson Physical Therapy uses the Nintendo Wii as a component in our balance training programs. Endurance, Strength, and Coordination are all gained when properly applying this technology. Also, the Wii makes rehabilitation fun!


"We knew the Wii would be a lot of fun as a helpful tool in our balance
training programs, but we were completely surprised by the objective
measurable data we are able to obtain."

-Scott Nossek, P.T.


"For 20 years I have not been able to get my weight forward over my
toes, but after training on the Wii, I can now not only get on my toes
with confidence, I can put my pants on one leg at a time without
falling over!"

Dennis, Payson Physical Therapy Patient/Wii User